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We value our patients' experience at DeCamp-Toftness Chiropractic Clinic.

Here are some kind words we have received from our patients.

"I was hit and injured by a car while riding my bicycle. I have been under the care of the DeCamp-Toftness team for the last year. After the accident, I was worried about my future and wondered if I would ever get back on my feet again. My injuries will need attention for quite some time, but thanks to DeCamp-Toftness, I was able to get relief from my aggravating pain. This allowed me to improve my rehabilitation and continue through my schooling to graduate. The whole experience with DeCamp-Toftness was positive.  Everyone in the office is genuine, helpful, and a pleasure to be around. The front desk keeps things running smooth and never once changes her friendly demeanor. They take their jobs seriously and do their best to help me with my condition. The whole crew has outstanding work ethic, although a few stood out to me!
Chantz, LMP, is very dedicated to his practice. I was highly impressed and very thanksful for his determination to improve my health. I had a few appts with Dr Toftness and she was outstanding. Most of the time I was under the care of Dr DeCamp and he is awesome! I cannot say enough good things about this guy as a doctor and a person. He was passionate and concerned for his patients. He does not just shuffle people through or just go through the motions. This doctor actually cares and really wants to help. He is the real deal." ~ Ryan B. 11/18/16

"I relocated back to the area a year ago and wish I would have found Dr DeCamp sooner. He gave me one of the best adjustments I've ever had. I have fairly severe scoliosis and chiropractic care is an important part of my pain management program. Finding a few chiropractor on this side of the mountains was no easy task. On my first visit, Dr DeCamp and staff made me feel welcome, comfortable, and reassured that I was in the right place. I was immediately placed at ease with how knowledgeable and experienced Dr DeCamp is. He was interested in learning about me, listened to my story, and quickly understood my needs. I really appreciated that he asked what works best for me, and then he gave me the perfect adjustment... as if I had never left my comfort zone with my prior long-time chiropractor. He really listened. I left feeling positive and relieved that I had made the right decision to give Dr. DeCamp a try. I am so thankful that I have found my new chiropractic and massage therapy home! Thank you Dr. DeCamp and staff!" ~ Kari P. 11/14/16

"There is no better place for chiropractic or massage therapy in North Central Washington. We've been "together" for decades now and I recommend everyone - even bought gift certificates for others to try them. Keep up the great care, Decamp-Toftness!" ~Shelli L. 7/28/16

"This place is great at every level. You walk in and it's comfortable immediately. Charlotte is awesome, she is always one step ahead, Maureen is the nicest person in the world, Jennifer and Heidi are very good massage therapist. And Greg is an incredible Chiropractic Doctor, he talks you through everything before he adjusts you and then does exactly what he said he would do. I had a bad experience years ago with a different chiropractor and he restored my trust in this field and I feel incredible, head aches are gone, sleep is normal and uninterrupted, and my back is healing. If you have any of these issues, than do yourself a favor and visit these people." Justin G. 4/3/16

"As soon as you walk in the door, you know you are in good hands. They are very professional and take their time to get to know you and how they can help."  Kaylee N.  1/23/16

"This office has the most wonderful, caring, and professional staff. They treat you so well, and truly care about your well-being. The Chiropractor really knows his stuff and truly cares about your well being and healing. They are all well trained and the office is always so calming. I give their entire staff a 10 out of 10!!! Keep up the great work!!"  Rhonda B.  1/14/16

"Of all my experiences with medical care, Dr. Greg DeCamp has provided the most outstanding care and treatment of anyone. He and his staff treat patients better than anyone I've ever experienced! If you need chiropractic care, you'd be foolish not to seek treatment there."  ~Dale H. 1/7/16

"Cary is professional, personable and does an excellent job. I came in with a headache and left feeling better. Thank you!"  ~Anonymous 12/17/15

"Very much enjoyed seeing Dr Decamp. Very down to earth."  ~Mike A. 12/10/15

"Am thrilled that I found Dr DeCamp!! He has me on the road to a better quality of life! Massage therapist Jamie is amazing and really getting my angry muscles happy once again!! Love all his staff too!! Great place for all your chiropractic & massage needs!!"  ~Michelle V. 12/8/15

"New massage therapist, Jamie, was awesome! Thanks"  ~Tracy K. 11/23/15

"I have been experiencing arthritic pain in my shoulder joints and neck. Particularly since the weather has gotten colder. I had a massage with Alexandra and it was amazing. She is very gentle but gets to where the pain is and I felt soooooooooo much better when I left. I was so relaxed I could hardly get myself dressed. Looking forward to repeating the experience with her next week!"  ~Kathy D.  11/14/15

"I recently stopped going to Kim Toftness just to try out other chiropractic people for a time. Now I'm back because she is just one of the best in the valley! I also love her sweet and confident Spirit!"  Mariann B.  11/12/15

"The scheduled me in next day from my first call. All the staff were very welcoming and friendly. I was impressed with how smooth the new patient process went. Dr. Toftness was amazing. She listened to my concerns and helped me with a game plan to feeling better. I couldn't be happier with choosing this office."  ~ Rachel V.  11/6/15

"The staff seemed to work hard to make me feel as comfortable as possible. Very nice people!!!"  ~ Anonymous 11/3/15

"On time, Effective, Precise, Friendly, Caring Dr/Patient relations"                         ~ Melanie D. 10/17/15

"Thank you for making my back and shoulders feel better!" ~ Heather R. 10/9/15

"I always look forward to my visits to the Clinic. Everyone involved in my care is genuinely friendly & concerned." ~ Richard S. 10/4/15

"The staff are so friendly! Dr. DeCamp is the BEST!" ~ Anonymous 9/26/15

"Very nice environment and welcoming people. They accommodated my unique needs. I really like them!" ~ Joe S. 9/25/15

"Excellent as always." ~ Nancy F.  9/17/15

"Never have a problem with DeCamp-Toftness Clinic. Always very friendly and do everything they can to help you with your problem. Never have to wait very long for appt." ~ Mickey R. 9/9/15

"I would not trade Dr. Toftness in for the World! Thank you Dr. DeCamp for taking such excellent care of my dad. He hasnt been to see a chiropractor in 30 years and REALLY needed to do something about his back pain. He feels sooogood now! I cant thank you enough." ~ Dana S.  8/24/15

"Extremely friendly staff, great customer service. Nice office. Chiropractor explained every step through the process including insurance.. I was really impressed with the professionalism and communication. Thank you."                  ~Terrance P.  8/11/15

"Constantly receive high quality massages in a professional atmosphere."                  ~ Leanne H.   8/7/15

"Got in on short notice ,friendly and my back is feeling better already!"                    ~  Jim I.   8/1/15

"I was welcomed by the staff and check-in with great customer service. This was my first time and I truly enjoyed the staff and the office space was inviting. Dr. Toftness explained everything to me and answered all questions along with going the extra step by calling that same evening to see how I was doing! I will definitely be returning!" ~ Tina S.   7/31/15

"Very pleasant experience considering its never easy to change DC , this however has been comfortable. Thank you." ~ Mat N.   7/24/15

"I have never been to a chiropractor before but decided to give it a try after hurting my back and so I googled "best Chiropractors in Wenatchee" and decided to call DeCamp-Toftness. Boy did I luck out. Dr. Toftness was very thorough in her explanation of what she would be doing. She even came in on her day off to perform an adjustment before I had do drive to the west side and would not be back in Wenatchee for a week. I will definitely continue my treatment with her."    ~ Anonymous   7/14/15

"I think Greg is the best Chiropractor there is and I've been to a lots of them if you want adjusted go see Greg Decamp.  I have been doing flooring since I was twenty I will be fifty five this year. That hurts!" ~ Kevin D.   6/17/15

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • ""This office has the most wonderful, caring, and professional staff. They treat you so well, and truly care about your well-being. The Chiropractor really knows his stuff and truly cares about your well being and healing. They are all well trained and the office is always so calming. I give their entire staff a 10 out of 10!!! Keep up the great work!!""
    Rhonda B. — 1/14/16

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