We value our patients' experience at DeCamp-Toftness Chiropractic Clinic!

Here are some kind words we have received from our patients.

"I Love this office starting with Meagan, Rosie and ending with Cary W. Cary has been my massage therapist for decades. He is the Best!" ~Monica R 2022

"I left my chiropractor of 5 years in town to come here in December of 2021. Thank you to Megan for the recommendation and Dr. Darren for always listening to my requests. I appreciate the little things like getting me in same day if needed and adjusting what I ask (whereas my former chiropractor would tell me 'no'). Darren is always positive and in a good mood; I told him he needs to follow me around and be my life couch! I am so grateful for having a great team to help me be a functioning human again." ~Trina B 2022

"The team at Decamp-Lewis are incredible! The staff personable, the location clean and thoughtful, and the chiropractors know what they're doing. I received instance pain relief from an adjustment and Brandon went above and beyond to realign my elbow from an injury 5 months ago. They get to know their clients and give us their undivided time while still being wonderful at the chiropractic care. Highly recommend both DeCamp and Lewis." ~ Quynn D 2022

"I always feel so welcome and comfortable. All the staff treat you with personal attention, they are very accommodating and the adjustments are amazing!" ~Stacey K 2022

"I went in for some general discomfort that has been building up for a while. I had 2 chiropractor visits and a massage this week and I feel a ton better! Going to the chiropractor is not just for big injuries. If you’re feeling off, get in right away, you won’t regret it." ~Heather I 2021

"The team here is fantastic! The entire process is professional and friendly and everyone is always ready to help and wants to accommodate their patients! Dr. DeCamp is great and I would recommend to anyone, come see him for your chiropractic needs. I came in with great pain and looking like pretzel and he worked with me, sometimes twice a day to get me fixed! Megan worked magic with the schedule to fit me in and was so nice about helping. This is the best chiropractic clinic in the valley!" ~ David L 2018

"Short Version. I should have gone days earlier! It was simple for me to give this review. For over a week I have been suffering from multiple symptoms with unrelenting burning neck pain being the primary. Add to that list; Loss of appetite, nausea, little sleep, and missed work among other things. Even my heart rate was affected this time. After two trips, one to urg care, and then a Primary Physician two days later, I was ultimately given nausea medicine, had to ask for pain meds, and don't even recall either Dr touching my neck, just my belly. I was able to cultivate a small appetite but not much more. Ultimately I was advised to do a second round of blood tests next week and to see about getting x-rays for my neck at my convenience. Huh? PAIN ruled my world. Nausea was still touch and go. Days with barely any food! Enter Dr Greg DeCamp. I have been to Doctor of Chiropratic Care over my neck once before about 2 years ago in another state. I knew I was going to go again. I called, in urgent need of relief. I know about massage and chiropractic being natural to work well together. This was a BONUS I was looking for. There was a SECRET BONUS.. They take my insurance! Not for the massages, but the rates are good for the massages. After the first visit was the most normal I have felt in days. All I can say is I have never felt such an overwhelming and sudden release of pain, it brought tears to my eyes! lol. A follow-up visit was set for next day right after a massage onsite. I went home and slept. Following morning was a little rough and tight and didn't go home as pain free as the first... But then there is healthy pain. Chiropractors are not Faith Healer so expect recovery. Think more like, guided, on-hands, healing. I am getting range of motion back. The kind that will still allow you to walk to go get a carry-out pizza. Two days ago, to be honest, I was beginning to think I may become "carry-out". I think everyone has nailed it. They are a great group there so I won't go into personal demeanors. Smiling eyes abound, they never lost track of me and who I am, and the music was great both days. LOL I should have gone day #1 because it only got worse from there. Good Luck!" -John G 2019

"I really love Dr. Toftness & her work. She is knowledgeable, gentle with her manipulation & efficient! I was in and out of the office and that’s nice for a new mama!" ~ Christina D. 2019

"Towards the end of this past summer, I was in a lot of pain due to an injury on my right arm/shoulder. The previous doctor that I was seeing, was making me feel worse! I then decided to try Dr. DeCamp. After my first appointment I felt relief right away. He is caring, nice, and very professional! Dr. DeCamp also takes in consideration all of your concerns and really listens to you, the patient. He also demonstrates a high interest in your recuperation. I look forward into feeling better, and better each day!" ~ Juanita M. 2019

"I have seen Dr. Decamp a handful of times to get my neck back in alignment; I was so impressed with his education of the body, his professional bedside manner and his kindness. He even gave me a call at the end of the day to see how everything was going. I also see Alexandra for massage and she is INCREDIBLE. I have never had such an amazing experience. I always walk out feeling energized, taken care of and ready to take on my work week."  ~Bridget K 2018

"This is the most amazing chiropractic office I have ever been to. The staff is well knowledged and the chiropractors here are out of this world. Everyone is very pleasant and friendly and I enjoy coming in even when I’m in pain. I highly recommend Decamp Toffness chiropractic I give them an A+."  ~Kelly C 2018

"I’m new to the Wenatchee area, and was referred to DeCamp-Toftness by fellow coworkers. I was looking to establish a chiropractor in town, as well as seek relief of neck and shoulder discomfort. I was extremely satisfied with my first visit. From the initial meet and greet with staff, to the adjustment by Dr. Toftness. She was spot on determining location of discomfort, and gave me an amazing adjustment. I will be referring family and friends!" ~ Billy V 2018

"In my search for a chiropracter, I came across many great and almost too good to be true reviews for DeCamp & Toftness, massage therapists & office staff. The reviews are right on. I can't say enough good things. All are professional, friendly, & know what they're doing! Go! Trust! You won't be disappointed!" ~Gwen H 2018

"I was hit and injured by a car while riding my bicycle. I have been under the care of the DeCamp-Toftness team for the last year. After the accident, I was worried about my future and wondered if I would ever get back on my feet again. My injuries will need attention for quite some time, but thanks to DeCamp-Toftness, I was able to get relief from my aggravating pain. This allowed me to improve my rehabilitation and continue through my schooling to graduate. The whole experience with DeCamp-Toftness was positive.  Everyone in the office is genuine, helpful, and a pleasure to be around. The front desk keeps things running smooth and never once changes her friendly demeanor. They take their jobs seriously and do their best to help me with my condition. The whole crew has outstanding work ethic, although a few stood out to me! I had a few appts with Dr Toftness and she was outstanding. Most of the time I was under the care of Dr DeCamp and he is awesome! I cannot say enough good things about this guy as a doctor and a person. He was passionate and concerned for his patients. He does not just shuffle people through or just go through the motions. This doctor actually cares and really wants to help. He is the real deal." ~ Ryan B. 2016

"I relocated back to the area a year ago and wish I would have found Dr DeCamp sooner. He gave me one of the best adjustments I've ever had. I have fairly severe scoliosis and chiropractic care is an important part of my pain management program. Finding a few chiropractor on this side of the mountains was no easy task. On my first visit, Dr DeCamp and staff made me feel welcome, comfortable, and reassured that I was in the right place. I was immediately placed at ease with how knowledgeable and experienced Dr DeCamp is. He was interested in learning about me, listened to my story, and quickly understood my needs. I really appreciated that he asked what works best for me, and then he gave me the perfect adjustment... as if I had never left my comfort zone with my prior long-time chiropractor. He really listened. I left feeling positive and relieved that I had made the right decision to give Dr. DeCamp a try. I am so thankful that I have found my new chiropractic and massage therapy home! Thank you Dr. DeCamp and staff!" ~ Kari P. 11/14/16

"There is no better place for chiropractic or massage therapy in North Central Washington. We've been "together" for decades now and I recommend everyone - even bought gift certificates for others to try them. Keep up the great care, Decamp-Toftness!" ~Shelli L. 2016

"This place is great at every level. You walk in and it's comfortable immediately. Charlotte is awesome, she is always one step ahead, Maureen is the nicest person in the world, Jennifer and Heidi are very good massage therapist. And Greg is an incredible Chiropractic Doctor, he talks you through everything before he adjusts you and then does exactly what he said he would do. I had a bad experience years ago with a different chiropractor and he restored my trust in this field and I feel incredible, head aches are gone, sleep is normal and uninterrupted, and my back is healing. If you have any of these issues, than do yourself a favor and visit these people." Justin G. 4/3/16

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "They know you by name when you walk in the door. I love that. The entire team is committed to helping you feel better in every way. You can easily tell how much they all care and love their jobs. Nothing short of a great experience every time you walk through their door."
    Russell K - 2022
  • "Very friendly family environment! They treat you with such a welcoming kindhearted customer service experience! They listen to your needs and work to help get you to your 100 percent best self! I highly recommend them!"
    Denice F - 2022
  • "I always feel so welcome and comfortable. All the staff treat you with personal attention, they are very accommodating and the adjustments are amazing!"
    Stacey K - 2022
  • "Fantastic practice. I have enjoyed both chiropractic adjustments and massage. Both superior than my previous practice. I highly recommend. They are professional, thorough and best of all, incredibly kind."
    Kelly F- 2022
  • ""This is the most amazing chiropractic office I have ever been to! The staff is knowledgeable and the chiropractors here are out of this world. Everyone is very pleasant and friendly and I enjoy coming in even when I’m in pain. I highly recommend Decamp-Toftness Chiropractic and give them an A+.""
    Kelly C-- 2018

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